Welcome, Ellen!

Balanced You Massage is pleased to announce that Ellen Stinnnett, LMT has joined our studio!

Ellen Stinnett, LMT

Ellen has a lifelong interest in the human body and in achieving and maintaining optimal health.  She’s explored this in her study of various modalities including yoga, health and nutrition coaching, and personal training.  She enjoys using what she’s learned and putting it together to create a unique massage session for each person.  Her goal is to have each client leave the massage session moving more freely and feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to move forward on the path to feeling great!

Starting July 21st through August 8th, Ellen will be offering a discounted rate of $40 per hour for either a deep tissue or Swedish massage. Treat yourself to an additional massage this month and get to know Ellen. 

Connect with her at 865 438 5705 or ellen.stinnett@gmail.com .






About Balanced You:

Balanced You is Rebekah Knause, LMT, CTA — Rebekah has over 10 years of massage therapy experience & is a registered yoga instructor with yoga alliance. Rebekah specializes in ashiatsu massage technique which involves a literally walking on your back — this technique has been performed by Buddhist monks for centuries.

We offer several types of massage therapy including Swedish massage, therapeutic deep tissue massage, ashiatsu oriental bar therapy, rain drop therapy, hot stone massage, mother-to-be massage and reflexology. Do not hesitate to ask for more information on any of our therapies. We strive to provide the most relaxing and rewarding massage experience based on your personal needs.


This video link from another studio shows an excellent example of how the Ashiatsu technique is performed.

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